Semester 2 2020-21

27 January 2021 – Writing Chinese History with Images

Images constitute a valuable means of compensating for official erasure of history whether political, cultural or social. But how should images be organized and classified? And should the history we write dictate the use of the archive or does the archive guide the telling of the story? Gregory Lee (Department of Chinese Studies) discusses the use of an image archive in his ongoing research project “A Cultural History of China 1975-2020.”

10 February 2021 – Deconstructing ‘The Chinese Dream’

Miao Ying is an artist whose practice addresses the politics of the internet in China, and the circulation of online ideologies, values, and aesthetics. Her work has been exhibited at the New Museum, the Venice Biennale, and MoMA PS1. In this talk she will discuss ‘Le Rêve Chinois’ and ‘Happily Contained’ in conversation with Ros Holmes (Department of Chinese Studies). Both works deconstruct the iconography of the Chinese (and American) Dream and trace their virtual afterlives in global mass media.

24 February 2021 – Children’s Literature without Borders

Clémentine Beauvais writes children’s and young adult fiction in French and English. She is the best-selling author of In Paris with you, Piglettes, Les Royales baby-sitters, and the French translator of J.K. Rowling’s The Ickabog. In this masterclass, Clémentine will discuss her work as author-translator with Elise Hugueny-Léger (Department of French) and will share her tips for writing stories for children.

10 March 2021 – French Intellectuals Today

Did the heroic age of the French intellectuals end with the great ideological conflicts of the last century? Or is the role of French intellectuals evolving in response to the domestic and global challenges of today? To discuss this, Gavin Bowd (Department of French) will be in conversation with Philippe Forest, an award-winning novelist, biographer and critic. Forest’s recent works include literary portraits of Napoleon and Winston Churchill.

7 April 2021 – Quackery Throughout History

Dr Ted L L Bergman, is a lecturer in Spanish at St Andrews. After a presentation on historical quacks and dubious medicine throughout time, join us in a discussion about the appeal of snake-oil salesmen and pseudo-science that continues in our modern age. This presentation is on history and culture, not medical advice.

21 April 2021 – Shades of Meaning: Translation and Jennie Erdal

The Missing Shade of Blue, by the local author, Jennie Erdal, relates the social, linguistic and amorous encounters of a translator on a trip to Edinburgh to translate the Scottish philosopher Hume. In this event, French translator of Hume, Giles Robel and Michael White (Department of German), discuss the novel and consider its many reflections on translating and the role of the translator.